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Toyota DLC1 & DLC2 Datalogger August 17, 2015

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Recently, I made datalogger cable to connect Toyota ECU with DLC1 or DLC2 to computer via serial port.

ECU –> DLC1 –> Serial Port –> USB to Serial Cable –> Computer –> Datalogger Software

What is DLC1?
DLC1 (Data Link Connector 1) is the type of terminal which is used in early Toyota Car. DLC1 Year range: 1990-2000. DLC2 Year Range: 1988-1996.
Toyota DLC1 & DLC2

Electrical Schematic:
Click the image to open in full size.Click the image to open in full size.

Datalogger Software:
CarTester8000 which is made and maintained by Russian Toyota Carina Forum.
Download Link: http://primavistalab.com/files/CarTester8000StableEdition_English.zip
Click the image to open in full size.

Tested On:
1. Toyota Corolla AE111 1996 with 4AFE Engine
2. Win7 64-bit with BAFO USBtoSerial DB9

It works!
Displaying P_20150817_101302_1.jpg Displaying P_20150805_220728_LL.jpg

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1. Nurul Inayah - August 18, 2015

wuaduhhh ga ngerti hahah

2. Casper - November 23, 2016

Thanks for you article.

Could you maybe tell me, exactly how did you connect the RS232 to the DLC1? Could you make a pin-for-pin diagram?


zainalarif - December 31, 2016

Hi Casper,
Sorry for very late reply.Pin for pin diagram is already upthere.
I could not find male socket of DLC1. So that i manually connect it by pin. Used pins are VF1, E1 & TE2.

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